How to Change Registered Office Address?

Change a Registered Office Address of a Company, The Following Steps  Check the Current Registered Office Address The first step is to check the current registered office address of the company. This information can be found in the company’s articles of association, on the Companies House website, or by contacting Companies House directly. Notify Companies House Companies House must be notified of any changes to the registered office address. This can be done online or by submitting a form by post. The form to be used will depend on the type of company and whether it is a limited company […]

Compliances for Office Changes Within a City

Compliances for a Company’s Change in Registered Office Every enterprise wants to have a registered place of job internal thirty days of its incorporation in keeping with the Companies Act, 2013 (‘Act’). An enterprise wants to have a registered place of job usually until it is in existence. The registered place of job is stated withinside the Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA). The registered place of job is the place of job in which the enterprise receives all the communications and notices sent to it. It is the actual place of job of the enterprise which […]

Procedure for Change in Registered Office of Company

The Companies Act of 2013 requires all companies or limited liability companies to have a listed office within 30 days of objectification. LLPs and companies have a listed office address that’s their top place of business, and the Ministry of Corporate Affairs( MCA) sends all sanctioned correspondence to that address. It’s thus essential to inform the RoC or MCA of any change in address at the listed office. Companies may also have executive services, commercial services, branch services,etc., but the MCA must only be notified of the listed office address. A company’s other services don’t need to be notified to […]

What is the Procedure for the Change in Office Address?

What are the reasons for the change in Registered Office Address? An organization’s office address may be changed for a variety of reasons. These include Possibly, the lease of your existing office space is approaching its expiration date and you are looking to lease another space. The office space or infrastructure of your current registered office may not be adequate due to the rapid growth of your company. The company’s head officials might be considering exploring new markets for business growth in the near future and therefore the registered office might have to be established in the new area of […]