Secretarial Compliance and Precautions for Statutory Auditors

In the complex regulatory landscape of India, statutory auditors play a crucial role in ensuring financial transparency and compliance for businesses. To fulfill this role effectively, auditors must be well-versed in secretarial compliance, a critical aspect of corporate governance. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of secretarial compliance and outline the precautions that statutory auditors should take to navigate it successfully. Understanding Secretarial Compliance What is Secretarial Compliance? Secretarial compliance refers to the process of ensuring that a company adheres to various statutory and regulatory requirements outlined in the Companies Act, 2013, and other relevant laws. It involves […]

Why Secretarial Audit is Important?

A secretarial audit is a compliance audit. It is a component of a company’s overall compliance management. It is a valuable tool for corporate compliance management since it helps discover noncompliance and conduct remedial actions. An essay on “What is Secretarial Audit?”, Secretarial Audit Applicability, Appointment of Secretarial Auditor, and the Benefits and Features of Company Secretarial Audit. What is a Secretarial Audit? The Secretarial Audit report determines if the company has enough systems and processes in place to monitor and ensure compliance with applicable rules, regulations, laws, and guidelines, in accordance with the size and activities of the organisation. […]

Secretarial Audit in India – Procedures, Documents and Features

Secretarial audits are a requirement that businesses must comply with. These criteria is fulfilled in accordance with the 2013 Companies Act. This type of audit is performed in order to comply with the requirements of the Companies Act. In India, almost all businesses are required to do secretarial audits. It is essential to follow the rules set forth in the Companies Act. Secretarial Audit Features This type of audit verifies that the business is adhering to the 2013 Companies Act’s standards. It encourages ethical behaviour among the company’s employees. As a group of people perform it, it encourages independence across […]