Why Secretarial Audit is Important?

A secretarial audit is a compliance audit. It is a component of a company’s overall compliance management. It is a valuable tool for corporate compliance management since it helps discover noncompliance and conduct remedial actions. An essay on “What is Secretarial Audit?”, Secretarial Audit Applicability, Appointment of Secretarial Auditor, and the Benefits and Features of Company Secretarial Audit. What is a Secretarial Audit? The Secretarial Audit report determines if the company has enough systems and processes in place to monitor and ensure compliance with applicable rules, regulations, laws, and guidelines, in accordance with the size and activities of the organisation. […]

How to Avoid Trademark Infringement and What Is It?

The unauthorized and illegal use of another person’s or organization’s brand is known as brand infringement. The brand is protected by intellectual property rights. Infringement of a brand or trademark is very common today.No matter how well-known your company is or how independently you operate your business, brand infringement can still occur. What is trademark surveillance? You give your brand a distinct identity in the market by registering a trademark. Customers will be able to quickly determine that this product is associated with your brand as a result. However, infringers are always prepared to harm your brand in the marketplace […]