There’s no denying that marriage comes with responsibilities and obligations. Especially when it involves two individuals who are bringing their union to a new level by calling it ‘forever’.

Even though the thought of spending your entire life with someone may sound like a fairytale, there will come a time when both of you will have to face the ugly reality of something going terribly wrong.

However, being married doesn’t mean that you can escape the repercussions if things don’t work out between you and your partner. If the relationship fails, then getting divorced is inevitable.

But taking this step isn’t easy for everyone; especially for women who have built their lives around on their husbands from the moment they said ‘I do’. So, let us take a look at what divorce means for women in India and whether alimony (spousal maintenance or money) is also a part of it.

What does divorce mean for women?

Divorce is a process where the married couple separates and ends their marital relationship. Now this doesn’t look so bad, but there are a few things that come as a part of it that can be a little tricky for women. You can get the services for filing the Divorce Alimony Online.

Divorce for women can mean losing a lot of what they have worked for and built their lives around. It also means that a woman has to start her life all over again with nothing to fall back on.

Whether you are the spouse who is initiating the divorce or the one who is being served the divorce papers, it’s never easy.

You are not only ending your marriage but you are also ending a part of your life. There will be feelings of sadness, anger, frustration, and relief. You might even feel guilty because you know that ending your marriage will cause a lot of pain for your spouse.

Alimony (spousal maintenance or money) in India

Spousal Maintenance or Alimony is the amount of money paid by the spouse who earns more to the spouse who earns less.

The amount is decided by the court and is based on the income and standard of living of both the spouses. The term ‘maintenance’ is very commonly used in India. However, the correct term is ‘spousal maintenance’ or ‘alimony’.

Is alimony a necessity after divorce?

The answer to this question will solely depend on the facts and circumstances of each case. But, yes, alimony is one of the main factors that the court will look into while deciding on divorce. And, if one of the spouse is unable to earn and has the potential to become a financial burden to the other spouse, then the court will award the latter alimony.


Alimony, in this case, is awarded by the court as a part of the divorce proceedings and not as an independent right to the spouse. However, alimony would be awarded only if the spouse is unable to earn on his/her own and has immense potential to become a financial burden to the other spouse.

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