The basic documents required for company registration are:

Aadhaar Card

Aadhaar Card is an identity document issued by the Government of India to all residents of India. It can be used as proof of address and identity. Aadhaar Card also serves as a proof of citizenship, residence status and identity for accessing social welfare programs such as scholarships, old age pension etc. In addition to this, it enables you to open bank accounts online without any hassle or hassle! You will only need your Aadhaar number along with other details like name, gender etc., that are mentioned on your card when you apply for it online at . Aadhaar Card comes in handy when you need proof of address (i) so that banks can verify whether your home or office address matches what has been mentioned in their records; (ii) so that they can refund taxes paid during last financial year if any discrepancy arises between what was entered into their system versus what was submitted by an applicant; (iii) so that others know where someone lives — e-mails sent from employers asking employees’ personal information might come back stamped “Returned Mail” after being rejected because there’s no such person registered anywhere near where workplace is located; finally – having one also helps keep track of purchases made using debit/credit cards which may be fraudulent attempts made against users’ accounts being compromised due solely on ignorance about how these things work

PAN Card

  • PAN Card is mandatory for opening a bank account.
  • The PAN card is required for registering a company, and also for filing income tax returns.
  • For buying property or land in India, you need to submit your Pan card along with other documents like passport/Voter ID card/driving license etc., before making an application at any official government office such as Income Tax Department or Registrar of Companies (ROC).

Bank Account Statement

You must provide a bank statement from a nationalized bank. The statement should be from the last 3 months and should have a minimum balance of Rs. 50,000. Also, it should not be in the name of any other person or entity other than yourself (e.g., spouse).

Rent Agreement (For Rented Premises)

A rent agreement is a contract between a landlord and tenant. It’s an important legal document that should be signed by both parties, so make sure you have it in writing.

The most important thing to remember about a rent agreement is that it must contain details of the tenant, landlord and premises (wherever you live). The agreement may also include other details such as when payment should be made or who owns which items in your home.

MOA/ AOA, Pan Card and Aadhaar Card Are the Basic Documents Required for Company Registration

The following are the basic documents required for online company registration:

  • MOA/ AOA, PAN Card and Aadhaar Card.
  • Bank Account Statement (for Banks)


The above documents are the basic requirement which must be present with you while filing a company application. There is no need to worry if there isn’t enough data in this document. You can get help from an expert as well.


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