This tax reform has made doing business easier and increased the taxpayer base in the country. A uniform tax system has been implemented in Madhya Pradesh for thousands of small businesses. In Madhya Pradesh, GST has significantly reduced tax complexity. The multiple tax systems will be abolished and subsumed under one single tax system.

Madhya Pradesh GST registration requirements: who needs it?

GST registration in Madhya Pradesh for businesses that fall into the following categories:

GST registration is required in Madhya Pradesh for service providers with aggregate turnover of over Rs.20 lakh. An entity engaged in the supply of goods is required to register for GST in Madhya Pradesh if its annual turnover crosses Rs.40 lakh.

The entity should register for GST in Madhya Pradesh if they supply goods across state lines.

In Madhya Pradesh, an individual who supplies goods and services through an E-commerce platform is required to obtain GST registration regardless of their turnover. First, you must obtain GST registration in order to commence your E-commerce business.

An individual who supplies goods or services seasonally through a temporary stall or shop is required to register for GST in Madhya Pradesh. An individual should register for GST regardless of their turnover.

An entity can obtain GST registration voluntarily. Previously, entities with voluntary GST registrations couldn’t surrender GST registration for up to a year. With the recent revisions, voluntary GST registration can be surrendered at any time by the applicant.

In Madhya Pradesh, GST registration certificates do not have a validity period. As long as it is not canceled, it remains valid. Non-residents and casual taxable persons are registered for GST temporarily.

To register for GST in Madhya Pradesh, you need a PAN card. A PAN is required to register for GST if you are a foreigner, a proprietorship, a partnership, an LLP, a corporation, or a trust. If you do not already have a PAN, you must obtain one. It is not necessary to obtain a PAN for foreigners or foreign companies. Find out how to register for GST in Madhya Pradesh by speaking with our experts today.


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