As of July 1, 2017, anyone who wants to sell across India must register for GST (Goods and Services Tax), except in the case of exempt items. It will be a completely paperless process, which means that it will be done online or digitally. For the enrolment process, there will be no need for hard copies.

As a convenience to you, we’ve broken the GST registration process into smaller parts.

 Part I: The GST Application Form

Step one is to obtain a Temporary Registration Number (TRN). This involves having a valid mobile number (an India number), an email address, and a PAN (Permanent Account Number).

  1. Visit the official GST website at and click on Services > Registration > New Registration. You must enter all of your personal information (including your PAN number), your email address, and your mobile number on the registration page.
  2. Input the details, then click proceed. A second OTP will be sent to your mobile and email address for verifying the mobile number and e-mail address. A valid OTP lasts only for 10 minutes. Regenerating the OTP is available if necessary.
    Following this process, you will receive your Temporary Reference number.
  3. Using this number requires either clicking Proceed or Services > Registration > New Registration option and selecting the Temporary Reference Number (TRN) radio button.
  4. Please enter the Temporary Reference Number (TRN) generated and enter the captcha text as shown on the screen in the Temporary Reference Number (TRN) field.
  5. Once this has been verified, you will be asked to verify the OTP again. I received a different OTP than I received in the previous transaction. Please enter the new OTP received. Mobile number and email address will both receive the same OTP.
  6. On this page, you will find your saved applications. All information must be filled out in the form and submitted within 15 days. Once this is done, your number and saved form will be deleted. In Part II, click on Edit.

Part II: The GST Application Form

A total of 10 sections/tabs are present in the form. For more information about each tab, please click the tab. We strongly recommend that you consult with a CA or tax consultant/GST practitioner prior to submitting the form.

Scan copies of the following documents and some additional personal data are required for this process:

  • Bank Account Number & IFSC
  • Documentation proving the incorporation or constitution of a company
  1. Partnership Deed – for partnerships
  2. For those who are not incorporated – the registration certificate of their business.
    • The place of business where your primary operations are conducted
    • Whether it is a photo of the promoter, director, partner, or Karta of a Hindu undivided family (HUF).
    • Document proving appointment of Authorised Signatory.
    • The photo of the authorized signatory.
    • Contains the account number, branch address, address of account holder, and the latest transaction details on the front of the bank passbook/statement.

Here are the steps to follow (as shown in the PPT above). After logging out, you can log in again using your TRN number:

  1. You should fill in all the tabs according to the instructions in the slides above. Save & Continue will ensure that all information you entered is saved.
  2. Ensure that all mandatory fields in the ‘Business’ and ‘Promoters / Partners’ tabs have been filled out. Provide proof of the company’s constitution.
  3. You need to fill in the ‘Authorized Signatory’ information. If you choose to e-sign the form, the mobile/email address of the Authorized Signatory will be used. DSC requires the PAN of your Authorized Signatory if you wish to sign with it.
  4. Below, we will provide instructions on how to complete the remaining tabs, such as the ‘Primary Place of Business’ (PPOB), ‘Goods and Services’ tab, and ‘Bank Accounts tab.

Part III: Digital Signature Certificate Registration

To verify your GST application, you will need to digitally sign it. Note that:

  • It is a requirement for companies and LLPs to have a DSC.
  • Registration and use of digital signatures are restricted to the Authorized Signatory specified on the GST registration form.
  • The DSC form can also be verified by other means (rather than by using DSC). Please refer to Part IV.
  • You must have installed on your computer the DSC software if you wish to sign the document using a Digital Signature Certificate.
  • Obtaining a DSC can be done by contacting one of the certifying authorities listed at
  • After installing the DSC software, you will receive the DSC Dongle (which comes with the software).
  • To sign the GST form, you must install Designer as well. At, you can download and install the DSC Signer.

Part IV: GST Application Verification and Submission

If you choose any one of these methods to verify your application, you can submit it:

  • The DSC verification process is explained in the earlier section.
  • E-signature verification: Please refer to the section below.
  • Below is a detailed description of the EVC verification process.

Following completion, you will receive an Application Reference Number (ARN) via email and mobile device. (Services > Registration > Track Application) is the way to track the status of your application.

After your application status shows “Approved”, you will receive an email and SMS indicating the GSTIN is created and providing a temporary username and password for GST website login (which will be your GSTIN number).

To log into the GST portal using your temporary username and password, go to the “Login” page, then click the “First-time login” option. The login page has a link at the bottom for this purpose. After you By entering the temporary user name and password provided to you and click “Login”, you will be asked to change your password for future logins.

Typically, you’ll be able to download your Registration Certificate within 3-5 days. To download your Registration Certificate, log in using your valid credentials to the website, then go to Services > User Services > View or Download Certificates and click the Download button.


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