A patent adds value to a company in the first place. A patent increases the startup’s valuation when it raises money, and it gives the startup company protection in the marketplace. It is possible to get a patent within 10-18 months using the Patent Prosecution Highway or Track One, rather than the standard 5-7 years. Get to know more to file provisional patent.

Secondly, you may not realize how much damage is being done by a “thin” provisional patent application. Many people file a 1-2 page provisional patent application with the intention of coming back a year later to file a “full” patent application with an attorney. The one-year period is often seen as “protected” by entrepreneurs, so they freely discuss their inventions with customers, investors, and the general public.

This results in two filing dates: a provisional patent application filing date and a second filing date for the rest of the material.

To support the claims in the patent, a “full” patent application probably contains much more information. Provisional applications are prior art against you on later patent applications, but they do not provide enough evidence to support claims. It will hurt your future patent applications if you file a provisional.

Through this process, all European and international patent rights are lost. Specifications must contain full support for claims. Because you did not have this support in the provisional, then you publicly disclosed the invention before filing the non-provisional, your international rights are lost.

In the case of a valuable invention, it makes no sense not to seek a patent as soon as possible. In order to get quality patents issued as quickly as possible, BlueIron does not file provisional patents. We will respond to the objection within 30 days of receiving a copy of the examination report.

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