The 2 crucial components of the belongings transaction with inside the metropolis of Bangalore. Like in some other metropolitan metropolis in India, the belongings customers in Bangalore also are required to pay stamp responsibility for purchasing their names registered beneathneath the authorities records.

Stamp responsibility in Bangalore is affixed to the maximum essential file that gives felony status in your belongings.

The responsibility paid is going to the authorities as revenue.

There is a way of calculating stamp responsibility that is charged at the saleable part of a belongings. It is computed via way of means of multiplying the belongings’ measurement with the marketplace fee or steering fee.

Other costs inclusive of parking, ground rise, and preferential region price also are included into the calculation of overall fee.

Value of sale = Basic cost + Parking price + Floor rise + Locational benefit price

Registration costs = 1% of the saleable fee.

Factors Affecting Stamp Duty in Bangalore throughout 2022:-

It is obligatory for each person to make fee for stamp responsibility. It is performed for settling one’s belongings ownership.

Factors that have an effect on stamp responsibility costs in Bangalore throughout 2022 are as follows:

The marketplace fee of the belongings while purchased:-

  • Type of belongings
  • Size of the belongings
  • Location and Area wherein the belongings is located.
  • The owner’s gender
  • The owner’s age
  • Commercial or residential status
  • Stamp Duty and Registration Charges in Bangalore

When an person is making plans to shop for a brand new domestic for themselves, it’s far very essential for them to recognize the stamp responsibility costs they’ll be purchasing the belongings.

If you’re any person who’s seeking out a brand new belongings in Bangalore, this newsletter will assist in making you aware about all of the ultra-modern stamp responsibility and registration costs in Bangalore. The belongings registration costs in Bangalore are 1%.

Stamp Duty Rates in Bangalore:-

Stamp responsibility in Bangalore is paid at a time-honored charge of 5% for a unit priced over INR 35 lakhs in conjunction with 1% of the full fee of the belongings as your registration costs.

The registration costs continue to be the equal for all belongings classes and so does the stamp responsibility.

There can be a 10 loss in conjunction with 2% surcharge on stamp responsibility as a further cost. In city regions, customers can be paying 5.6% as stamp responsibility whilst regions beneathneath Village Panchayats may have a 3% surcharge and overall stamp responsibility values of 5.65%.

Property Registration Charges in Bangalore:-

Purchasing land in any district of India includes an quantity that desires to be paid to the authorities of that state, this quantity is taken into consideration because the tax levied on that land. Similarly, the authorities of Karnataka has very lately made a discount of their stamp responsibility costs to 3% from 5% if you purchase land really well worth INR45 lakhs.

These modifications had been made for enhancing the belongings marketplace with inside the state.

And to make the process of stamp responsibility in Bangalore easier, they’ve commenced gathering the costs thru on-line portals. The person is truly imagined to log in to ‘Kaveri Online Services’ and make fee with only a click on for the state.

Price List of Property Stamp Duty Charges

Rate Above INR forty five lakhs 5%
Rate among INR21 to INR45 lakhs 3%
Rate much less than INR20 lakhs 2%
Land Registration Charges in Bangalore
Land Registration Charges in Bangalore are depending on a couple of elements, one of the maximum essential elements being the sort of transacted belongings.

The client is then required to pay the stamp responsibility and Registration of Land costs in Bangalore to the worried department.

However, the process of this fee begins offer evolved with the file verification process. Land Registration costs in Bangalore are divided as 5% stamp responsibility and 1% registration rate at the transaction fee.

The Documents Required for the Verification are as Follows:

Property card
PAN card
Identity Proof for each the events
Power of Attorney
Aadhar Card
Original Identification
Address Proof
User Charges
Registration Charges
Encumbrance Certificate
A file that holds importance for the events involved.
Demand Draft that proofs your fee of Stamp Duty
Receipts for fee of tax.
Flat Registration Charges in Bangalore



Flat Registration Charges in Bangalore are all-together with surcharges & access which have been computed via way of means of the authorities of Karnataka in conjunction with the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike.

Therefore, the stamp responsibility and registration costs in Bangalore pop out to be the full of latest stamp responsibility costs, the access & surcharge.


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