How do Provisional Patent Adds Value?

A patent adds value to a company in the first place. A patent increases the startup’s valuation when it raises money, and it gives the startup company protection in the marketplace. It is possible to get a patent within 10-18 months using the Patent Prosecution Highway or Track One, rather than the standard 5-7 years. Get to know more to file provisional patent. Secondly, you may not realize how much damage is being done by a “thin” provisional patent application. Many people file a 1-2 page provisional patent application with the intention of coming back a year later to file […]

How To File A Provisional Patent In 2022

If you have produced anything innovative, you should protect your work. However, submitting a patent application can be costly and time-consuming. Instead of completing a comprehensive patent application, think about submitting a provisional patent, which gives you 12 months to evaluate the commercial viability of your invention. This will allow you to use the phrase “patent pending” while marketing and selling your product. This article tells you all you need to know about submitting a provisional patent india.  What is a Provisional Patent? Provisional patents have been accessible since June 1995. It is made available by the United States Patent […]