The Complete Registration Process for a Design

Here is a detailed explanation of the Design Registration process – Analyses An examination of a design application is conducted by an Examiner of Designs on behalf of the Controller of Designs: Formal requirements are met by the application and the documents, and It is important to find out if the design is registrable, under the provisions of the Designs Act, 2000, and the Designs Rules, 2001, if it is applied to an article. Checking for formality Examiners determine if: Is the application format prescribed? Have you paid the prescribed fee? Is the name, address, and nationality of the applicant […]

What is Designs Registered in India?

As is a form of Intellectual Property, design refers to the invention of any shape, pattern, ornamentation, configuration, or composition of shapes, lines, and colors that is applied to a product whether it is two-dimensional, three-dimensional, or both. It is an aspect of aesthetics that is added to any product or article. It covers any shape or composition of shapes that is a result of a manual, industrial, chemical or mechanical process, or a combination of these processes, in which the final product is protected from potential infringement when it can be distinguished solely by its appearance. It is possible […]