Design Registration Application – File Online

An article produced using an industrial process can be protected from counterfeiting by a new design registration, a form of intellectual property protection. Any article that has a shape, configuration, pattern, ornament, composition of lines, color or combination can be registered under the Design Act, 2000. A design must satisfy the following conditions before it can be registered: it must be original and new, the design should relate to a shape, configuration, pattern, or ornament applied to an article, and the design must be applied by an industrial process to any article, and the design must be visible on the […]

What is Designs Registered in India?

As is a form of Intellectual Property, design refers to the invention of any shape, pattern, ornamentation, configuration, or composition of shapes, lines, and colors that is applied to a product whether it is two-dimensional, three-dimensional, or both. It is an aspect of aesthetics that is added to any product or article. It covers any shape or composition of shapes that is a result of a manual, industrial, chemical or mechanical process, or a combination of these processes, in which the final product is protected from potential infringement when it can be distinguished solely by its appearance. It is possible […]