New GST Registration: A Complete Online Application Guide

Businesses must register and acknowledge under GST in order to be GST-registered. Businesses with an annual aggregated turnover exceeding Rs. 40 lakhs must register themselves as taxable persons under GST by obtaining a GSTIN, filing their GST returns regularly & paying their tax liabilities on time. Depending on the type of business that you are trying to register, businesses have to submit a specific set of documents for GST online registration. If you are wondering how to register for GST, you must know that the process includes 11 steps and takes a considerable amount of time. In the following sections, […]

How to get a GST Registration ?

The name Goods and Services Tax (GST) reflects that it is a taxation system that takes into account both the goods and the services. Through a dual mechanism of GST, the GST applies to both tangible goods as well as intangible services and maintains a balance of independent revenues for both the Central Government and the State Government.  With the advent of the GST regime on 1st July 2017, all value additions are subject to a comprehensive, multi-stage, and destination-based tax. Transparency in the indirect tax framework will be enhanced by the GST regime, which is expected to bring down […]