Online GST Registration – An Overview

As of July 1, 2017, Goods & Services Tax (GST) applies to all Indian service providers (including freelancers), traders, and manufacturers. On 01.07.2017, a variety of Central taxes, such as Service Tax, Excise Duty, CST, and state taxes, such as Entertainment Tax, Luxury Tax, Octroi, VAT, were merged into one tax – GST. At every step of the supply chain, GST will be charged with full set-off benefits. No manual intervention is required in the GST process. The supply chain for any product involves a number of stages, including purchasing raw materials, manufacturing, selling it to the wholesaler, selling it […]

The 3 most common GST errors: Aadhaar, Rule 86B, and TDS/TCS credits

  Errors are part of human nature. It is not a concern regarding GST mistakes or errors. As part of this discussion, we look at some mistakes that are made by assessees under GST. There may be some glitches, but preventing them would be beneficial.  Not Yet Done Aadhaar Card Authentication Aadhaar authentication under GST registration for the registered individuals is mandatory from 1st January 2022 through Rule 10B The application for revocation of cancellation of registration must be completed and submitted. A refund application should be filed in Form RFD-01 An IGST refund is provided under rule 96 of […]