In a Court of Law, Can Gift Deeds Be Challenged?

Introduction A gift agreement must be documented with the sub-registrar in accordance with the Registration Act, 1908. Non-compliance with this rule renders transfers null and void. Transferring by gift certificate A gift is when one gives away something without expecting anything in return, whether it’s mobile or immovable. Ownership should be transferred from the giver to the recipient through documentation of the gift. According to Indian Registration, the gift deed must be registered with a sub-registrar. In a gift deed, the donor and the recipient are referred to as the transferor and donee, respectively. To be considered genuine, a gift […]

Wills or Gift Deeds: Which is Better?

Introduction A Will or a gift during your lifetime are both ways to transfer your assets to anyone, including your children. It is true that both modes have advantages and disadvantages. The purpose of this article is to help you decide which option is best for you. There is no restriction on the transfer of assets by anyone who has the legal capacity to do so.s to anyone else. In order to enter into a contract, a minor, a person of unsound mind, or an involuntary bankruptcy insolvent must be of sound mind. During the course of the person giving […]