How to register a will in India?

A will is a legal document that directs the disposition of belongings after a person’s death and is, by its nature, ambulatory and revocable during life as well. As a result, it is a complete statement of a man’s mind or last Will regarding how he would like his property disposed of after his death. How to register a will in India? In India, registration is ensured by the Registration Act, 1908. According to section 18 of the Registration Act, the registration of certain documents is optional. Thus, wills are covered under clause (e) of said section 18. There is […]

Will Registration India

In India, Will registration is not mandatory. However, when one wishes to add another witness to a will, the government is the appropriate witness. With extra effort and some additional cost, they can do so voluntarily with the Government of India (Sub-Registrar’s Office). A registration like this will help the family in the event that someone challenges the authenticity of the Will, resulting in a court intervention to prove its authenticity. Registration of Wills makes proving genuineness easier without calling witnesses etc. in all such cases. The Vakilsearch company offers Will Registration Service throughout India through its associates as a […]