Trademark Objection Process

The trademark objection process in India is a crucial step in protecting your intellectual property rights. When you file a trademark application, it undergoes examination by the Trademark Registry to ensure compliance with the relevant laws and regulations. If any objections are raised during this examination, it is essential to understand the process and take appropriate steps to address them. Receipt of Objection: Once your trademark application is examined, if any objections are identified, you will receive an official communication from the Trademark Registry. This communication, known as the Examination Report, will detail the grounds for objection and provide an […]

Key points to keep in mind while drafting the response

If any or all of the aforementioned objections are present in the examination report, the following essential considerations must be made when composing and submitting a trademark objection reply: Be comprehensive¬†¬† Simply noting that the trade mark applied is distinctive and is phonetically and aesthetically distinct from the cited marks is not optimal when crafting a response to a section 9 or 11 objection. By citing pertinent data, one must make their case for why the trademark being opposed to should be registered. To persuade the examiner that the opposed trade mark is distinctive and capable of registration, it is […]