Key benefits of the Udyam Registration Certificate

When your MSME registration process is complete, you will receive an Udyam Registration Certificate via e-mail. Learn why Udyam Registration is important and how you can apply. In a move to digitize India and streamline processes better, the Udyam Registration Portal is a new and improved tech-first system launched by the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises in order to boost and facilitate MSMEs’ growth in India and to provide all the necessary support to MSMEs. Registration by Udyam, also known as an MSME Registration, includes government approval, a Recognition Certificate, and a Unique Number. In order to verify […]

Is MSME Loan Interest Free?

To boost MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) sector in the country, many banks and financial institutions have introduced various loan schemes for MSMEs. Many such lenders also offer special incentives to MSMEs because of their limited access to credit and higher risk profile associated with this segment. However, most of these loans come with caveats that restrict the borrower from using them in a certain way. Some banks offer interest-free loans to MSMEs on the condition that they cannot charge their customers an interest rate above a fixed threshold. These special conditions restrict the borrower’s ability to expand its […]