A firm may use a logo or a combination of letters and numbers to symbolize its goods and services and assert its ownership of a word or design. Trademarks can be registered under many different categories, including product, service, collective, certification, shape, sound, and pattern marks. Although there are many different types of trademarks, they all serve the same objective, which is to let consumers recognize products and services coming from a particular manufacturer or service provider. We examine the various trademark types in this post.

Product Mark

Rather than on a service, a product mark is one that is applied on a good or product. This kind of trademark is used to identify the product’s place of origin and supports a company’s reputation. Given that they represent things, tm registration in india applications filed within trademark class 1-34 may be referred to as product marks.

Service Mark

Similar to a product mark, a service mark is used to identify a service as opposed to a product. The primary function of the service mark is to set its owners apart from those of other services. Given that they identify services,  applications filed under trademark classes 35 to 45 may be referred to as service marks.

Collective Mark

A collective mark is used to communicate to the general public specific distinctive characteristics of a good or service used to represent a collective. This mark can be used by a group of people to collectively protect a good or service. The mark holder may be a Section 8 Company, a public institution, or an association.

In a collective mark, the regulator responsible for the mark often sets the standards of the products. Others connected to the collective are expected to follow particular rules while utilizing the mark for commercial purposes. Chartered Accountant is a collective brand that is well-known in India.

Certification Mark

A certification mark is a symbol used by the owner to indicate a product’s origin, material, quality, or other specified information. The fundamental function of a certification mark is to highlight the product standard and provide buyers with assurances about the goods. A certification mark can also be used to raise customer expectations of a product by demonstrating that it has completed rigorous quality control testing. Typically, gadgets, toys, and packaged foods bear certification marks.

Shape Mark

Shape Mark is only used to secure the product’s shape so that consumers would associate it with a certain manufacturer and choose to purchase the goods. Once a product is acknowledged to have a distinctive shape, its shape can be registered. The Coca-Cola or Fanta bottles, which have a particular shape associated with the brand, are examples of shapes.

Pattern Mark

Products with pattern marks have distinctive created patterns that serve as the product’s identifying feature. Patterns that don’t stand out as a distinctive mark are typically eliminated since they are useless. A pattern must provide proof of its uniqueness in order to be registered.

Sound Mark

A sound mark is a noise that can be connected to a good or service coming from a specific vendor. People must be able to quickly and easily recognize the service, product, or show that the sound stands for in order for it to be registered as a sound mark. Sound logos, sometimes known as audio mnemonics, are most frequently heard at the start or finish of commercials. The IPL theme song is the most well-known sound brand in India.


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