The Shop Act License is a legal permit that allows businesses or establishments to conduct business legally in a specific location. As part of the shop act registration process, India’s Shop and Establishment Act is used, which has the same rules and results, but varies from state to state. The licenses of individuals, business owners, and entrepreneurs who own or operate physical shops or offices must be in place. However, according to the Act, each state’s Shops & Establishments Act applies to all shops and commercial establishments operating within its borders.

Unlike most of the rules put in place to make sure the company has the proper registrations and other paperwork in place, the Shop act is intended to protect employees from being mistreated or overworked. The Act has the following primary priorities:

  • Employers and employees in the unorganized sector of employment, such as shops and establishments, have statutory obligations and rights.
  • Establish requirements for the conditions of work and employment in shops, commercial establishments, residential hotels, restaurants, eating houses, theatres, and other public places.

As for the Shop Act application process, it is quite straightforward, and there are various ways to do it, including online or via the post.

  • Identification card (Aadhar)
  • Tax Identification Number
  • Electricity bill or NOC from an owner as proof of address
  • A letter of application in the prescribed format to the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai
  • Business Authority Letter
  • A Form-A must be submitted within 30 days of starting any work to the local inspector
  • Partnership Firm Fees Prescribed by the Government
  • Incorporation Certificate
  • Partner’s Pan Card
  • Identification and address proof for partners

The Shop and Establishment Act creates and regulates the shop licence, but the Department of Labor regulates the premises where any trade, business or professional activity is carried out.

Process of Shop Act License Registration

All the documents that you need to apply for a shop act license can now be scanned and submitted online. To get started, gather all the necessary documents and scan them.

Follow the steps below to register for a Shop Act license –

  • It is first of all necessary that you visit and create a profile through the given link of ‘Create Employer User Link.’
  • Using your username and password, you can login to your profile after creating it.
  • Registration Form A – Shop and Establishment Registration
  • Complete the form with relevant information for your shop or establishment based on the district or tehsil.
  • Click on ‘Upload Documents’ after filling out the form and continue to upload the required documents.
  • Please click on “Pay” and pay the prescribed fee
  • There will be a message that says ‘Under Scrutiny’ if you check the status.

How long is the Shop Act Licence valid?

In case you are unaware of the period from which the Shop Act license is valid, here is the answer. The validity of the Shop Act license runs from one year to one year.

When will the Shop Act be renewed?

Every shop owner has the responsibility to apply for the renewal of his shop act license 15 days before the expiration date of the certificate. The procedure for renewing the shop act certificate is as follows:

  • Go to
  • The Shop Register Old User form (Form B) will appear.
  • The renewal form should be filled out with the relevant details, such as validity and number of employees
  • The required documents list will appear once you click ‘Upload Documents’.
  • By clicking ‘Pay’, you can pay the fees.
  • Print the receipt and documents after downloading the receipt.

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